Gallery Shortcode Options

Showing Books From a Category #


[wp_books_gallery category="Category Name"]
To Hide Search Bar (Pro) #


[wp_books_gallery search=0]
Showing Books of a Author (Pro) #


[wp_books_gallery author="Author Name"]
Showing Books of a Language (Pro) #


[wp_books_gallery language="Language Name"]
Showing Books of a Format (Pro) #


[wp_books_gallery format="Format Name"]
Showing Books of a Series (Pro) #


[wp_books_gallery series="Series Name"]
Showing Books of a Tag (Pro) #


[wp_books_gallery tag="Tag Name"]
To Hide Display Total (Pro) #


[wp_books_gallery display-total=0]
Order Books (Pro) #


[wp_books_gallery order_by="title" order="ASC/DESC"]
Other order by options #

date = Order by Date
wbg_author = Order by Author
wbg_publisher = Order by Publisher
wbg_published_on = Order by Published Date
wbg_language = Order by Language
wbg_country = Order by Country

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